The seven styles of influencing: A workbook for managers

Berlin: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Berlin
Stefanie Rathje, Ulf Schäfer (2013)
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior
Keyword(s): Persuading, asserting, bargaining, bonding, envisioning, empowering, disengaging

Are you familiar with one of the following situations?

You have developed this great strategy for your company, your product, or your department but for some reason, it does not get heard.

You have a good team, but there are some who just do not seem to join forces and leave you out in the rain when the situation calls for action.

There is your boss, a nice guy, but somehow he seems immune to all your efforts of convincing him of this new idea that you want to implement.

Situations like this are common for managers on all levels. They make us feel powerless. They make us feel struck in the inertia of our organizations. They might make us see ourselves as victims of the circumstances we are operating in. When trapped in situations like this, we start blaming others for their incompetence or our company for its laziness or complacency.

Situations like this tell us about the influence that we have on others and their influence on us: This is what this book is all about.

Pages 86
ISBN 978-3-86573-759-5 (Print)