ESMT Case Study

Talent management at BestCar Bank

ESMT Case Study No. ESMT-411-0125-1
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior
Keyword(s): talent management, management development, leadership pipeline, developing from within, hiring from outside, talent retention, high potential, psychological contract, re-engineering, restructuring, economic crisis, low growth market

The case describes the challenges faced at BestCar Bank with respect to talent management and leadership development in the context of a difficult business environment, low-growth markets, and fundamental organizational changes. BestCar Bank is an automotive financial services provider, part of one of the Germany's most premium car manufacturers. After years of high growth and internationalization, the company is finding only limited growth opportunities in the developed countries of the Western World. The management attention has shifted to re-engineering initiatives to make the organization lean and efficient. The economic crisis has increased the pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Despite a state-of-the-art talent management, BestCar Bank faces increasing difficulties in retaining and developing talent. The case can be used to facilitate a discussion and exchange on questions such as - how talent management can be adapted to a changing environment, - what driving and restraining forces influence the success of talent management, - how the link between strategy, change, and talent management can be re-established, - and how a modern management development today can look like.

Teaching note Yes
Length 16p
Industry Financial services
Geographical setting Europe
Size n.a.
Setting period 2010
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