Journal Article

Thickening case discussions through enactments

Training and Management Development Methods 27 (1): 3.15–3.26
Nora Grasselli, Thomas North Gilmore (2013)
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior
Keyword(s): executive development, case studies, leadership styles, learning methods
JEL Code(s): M00

Argues that the developmental edge in leadership development is working towards bridging the “knowing-doing” gap through the use of enactments to thicken the learning from existing cases to surface differences between espoused theories and actual behaviors in order to get feedback from fellow learners and faculty.
Multiple enactments of difficult encounters in a case, like sports drills, build resilience, skills and repertoires for engaging with the increased levels of ambiguity and uncertainty in current business contexts. This practical method builds on an existing vast resource of cases to visceralize learning via enactments of tactics of effective and ineffective influence—in essence addressing the “knowing-doing gap.”

With permission of Emerald

Volume 27
Issue 1
Pages 3.15–3.26