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Willingness to rely on trust in global business collaborations: Context vs. demography

Journal of World Business 53 (3): 373–391
Francis Bidault, José de la Torre, Stelios H. Zanakis, Peter Smith Ring (2018)
Subject(s): Strategy and general management
Keyword(s): Inter-organizational trust; Propensity to trust; Willingness to rely on trust; Trustworthiness; Contextual factors in trust; Demographic factors in trust; Contractual safeguards; International joint ventures (IJVs) and collaborations
JEL Code(s): M16

We examine how 712 executives from several countries, industries and backgrounds are willing to rely on trust (WTRT) when entering a collaborative venture where both partners are at risk. Presented with a specific partnership opportunity they were asked about the level of safeguards required to enter into an agreement. We test for the impact of contextual and demographic conditions and confirmed differences in WTRT between nationalities, but find that several contextual variables mediate this impact. Different nationalities treat three dimensions of trust (integrity, reliability, and benevolence) differently as they are shown to be time dependent. We conclude that context is as important as demography in determining an executive’s WTRT.

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Volume 53
Issue 3
Pages 373–391