Data protection of application information

Electronic storage of applications/information about applicant:

Information sent to ESMT Berlin as an application for employment is used only internally to process and evaluate the application. ESMT does not share information with third parties outside of the company. Statements and electronic documents will be saved by ESMT for the length of the application process (end of the selection process plus 4 months).

We often have many qualified candidates for one position. If agreed upon by the applicant, we offer to take outstanding applicants into our applicant pool should he or she have been turned down for the position in question. In this way, the applicant may also be considered for future openings. Should the applicant only want to be considered for a specific position, we then follow the process described in the paragraph above. Applicants will be contacted per telephone or email after the selection period and asked whether they would like to be included in the applicant pool.