The Key – Photo Exhibition

“The Key” – Photo Exhibition

We are honored to present the photo exhibition “The Key” with photos by acclaimed photographer Romney Müller-Westernhagen at ESMT Berlin. In 2017, she portrayed Kofi Annan as well as 14 recipients of the Kofi Annan Fellowships.

© 2018

The exhibition raises awareness of the importance of education all over the world and continues Kofi Annan’s legacy to promote education as “The Key” to progression, both academically and spiritually. The women on display are inspiring young females studying at renowned business schools in Berlin, Geneva, Istanbul, Den Haag, and Leipzig. The exhibition showcases the outstanding scholastic achievements during their time in Europe as well as their plans and goals upon returning to their homelands.

© 2018

ESMT Berlin is proud to host the temporary exhibition which will run from January 11-26, 2019 at ESMT Berlin. Admission to the exhibition is free of charge and the venue at ESMT Berlin is open to the public. The exhibition has been curated by Uli Wilms (architect) and Sean St. Lewis (curator). There are plans to travel with the exhibition to other venues in Europe.

About the Kofi Annan Fellowship

The Kofi Annan Business School Foundation provides fellowships for talented and motivated emerging leaders from developing countries, allowing them to obtain a master’s degree in Europe. Fellows commit to return to their home country or region and contribute to the development of the local or regional economy after completion of their studies. The fellowship covers full tuition fees as well as a stipend for living expenses.

Romney Müller-Westernhagen

It's been said a portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it. Romney Mueller-Westernhagen (RMW) is keenly aware of the need for photographer and subject to connect and get between the shirt and the skin to the truth. "Everyone has a secret. I try to discover it".

(c) Joe Gaffrey

It's one thing to capture what a person looks like – it's another to show who they are. In her earlier career as a fashion illustrator, RMW understood the power of images – and their limitations. The experience of spending many years immersed in the worlds of various public figures has given her the unique opportunity to see below the surface – into the very core – where the image recedes and the real persona emerges. "My goal is always to try to show the viewer a side that no one has ever seen before.  And with all her subjects, the photographer uses her ability to study faces to create an intimate connection in order to uncover what's hidden behind the mask. Her portraits not only reveal the truth about her subjects but the truth about ourselves as we look at them through the prism of our own psyches.

RMW's photographs have been seen in several exhibitions, including a solo show at CAMERA WORK, Berlin. Published works include her book PORTRAITS from Steidl Publishing as well as in the artwork of numerous albums and multiple US and German publications.
Based between New York, Germany, and the world RMW enjoys the privilege of capturing the beauty of individuals across the globe.