ESMT Update

ESMT Update

ESMT Centers and Cooperations

ESMT has founded three new centers and an institute this past year in areas ranging from entrepreneurship to cybersecurity: GTEC German Tech Entrepreneurship Center, the Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing, the Center for Sustainable Business, and the Digital Society Institute.

Together with the Center for Leadership Development Research, we now have four centers and an institute which will allow us to further strengthen and extend our intellectual footprint and practical outreach in the three focus areas of ESMT: leadership and social responsibility, the management of technology, and European competitiveness.

Since its founding, ESMT has followed the mission to educate responsible leaders. The Center for Leadership Development Research has played an important role for many years in the academic discussion surrounding leadership, diversity, and coaching. Under the directorship of Professor Konstantin Korotov, it serves as a platform for collaboration and also as an impetus for executive education programs with a leadership focus.

The Center for Sustainable Business addresses best practices, such as how to engage managers in sustainable business. The Center’s director is Professor CB Bhattacharya; its establishment was a natural evolution after the success of Professor Bhattacharya’s Sustainable Business Round Table.

As our name suggests, the management of technology plays a large role at ESMT. With GTEC, led by entrepreneur Benjamin Rohé, ESMT is providing a solid platform for business, science, and entrepreneurs with the aim of developing and commercializing innovations.

The fourth center at ESMT, the Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing, extends our school’s reach in the area of European competitiveness and will combine empirical research with practical relevance. Its academic director is Professor Per Olsson; Michael Gewehr has been named managing director.

The newly initiated Digital Society Institute focuses on the forward-looking topics of cybersecurity and regulation, among others, as technological advancement continues. Its director, Dr. Sandro Gaycken, is on the front line of cybersecurity, advising governments and organizations.

In this issue of the ESMT Update, we take a closer look at these centers.