Chairs at ESMT

Chairs at ESMT

Pietro Ferrero Chair in Sustainability

This is a photo of Prof. CB Bhattacharya, ESMT.

CB Bhattacharya, Professor

CB Bhattacharya has just been named the holder of this new chair. In his research, he focuses on business strategy innovation aimed at increasing both business and social value. He is the founder of the ESMT Sustainable Business Roundtable, a forum to discuss opportunities and challenges to mainstreaming sustainability practices within organizations.


Deutsche Post DHL Chair

This is a photo of Prof. Catalina Stefanescu-Cuntze.

Catalina Stefanescu-Cuntze, Associate Professor and Dean of Faculty

Catalina Stefanescu-Cuntze’s research focuses on the design, analysis, and application of statistical models and methods for managerial decision making.


Deutsche Telekom Chair in Leadership and HR Development

Matthew Bothner

Matthew S. Bothner; Professor of Strategy

Matthew Bothner’s current research addresses the measurement and consequences of social status in several empirical settings, including venture capital, professional sports, and higher education.


EY Chair in Governance and Compliance

This is a photo of Prof. Jörg Rocholl, ESMT.

Jörg Rocholl, Professor and President of ESMT

Jörg Rocholl’s research interests are in the areas of Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, and Financial Intermediation. He is a member of the economic advisory board of the German Federal Ministry of Finance, a research professor at the Ifo Institute in Munich, and Duisenberg Fellow of the European Central Bank (ECB).


Karl-Heinz Kipp Chair in Research

This is a photo of Prof. Sascha Steffen, ESMT Associate Professor.

Sascha Steffen, Associate Professor

Sascha Steffen’s research is in the area of empirical financial intermediation and banking. Recent work has examined issues including borrowing costs of private versus public firms and supply side induced contraction in consumer lending in the recent financial crisis. He is a fellow at the Center of Financial Studies (CFS) at Goethe University Frankfurt and a senior research fellow at Leeds Business School.


KPMG Chair in Innovation

This is a photo of Prof. Linus Dahlander, ESMT.

Linus Dahlander, Associate Professor

Linus Dahlander currently investigates how new ideas and innovations are developed in networks and communities.



Lufthansa Chair in Competition and Regulation

This is a photo of Prof. Paul Heidhues, ESMT.

Paul Heidhues, Professor and Director of PhD Studies

Paul Heidhues has researched numerous topics in Industrial Organization and Competition Policy such as input-market bargaining power, merger control, and collusion. Much of his current focus is on the functioning of markets when consumers are partly driven by psychological factors. He is a member of the Arbeitskreis Kartellrecht of the German Antitrust Authority (Bundeskartellamt), a research fellow of the CEPR Programme in Industrial Organization and a research fellow of the CESifo Network in Behavioral Economics, among others.


TÜSIAD/TCCI Chair in European Economic Integration

This is a photo of Prof. Stefan Wagner.

Stefan Wagner, Associate Professor

Stefan Wagner researches at the intersection of firm strategy, technological innovation, industrial organization and law. Currently, one focus is on intellectual property rights, in particular patent systems, and firms’ long term strategy regarding their innovative activities.

Pietro Ferrero Chair in Sustainability founded at ESMT

CB Bhattacharya at the latest Sustainable Business Roundtable in Berlin

The family-owned company Ferrero continues to increase its focus on sustainability by founding the Pietro Ferrero Chair in Sustainability at ESMT. Prof. CB Bhattacharya, member of the ESMT faculty since 2009, has been named holder of the new chair. CB Bhattacharya has published internationally recognized research on sustainability, responsible business practices, and stakeholder value in more than 80 renowned academic journals and two books. His research has been cited by other academics more than 10,000 times according to Google Scholar. With its emphasis on sustainability, the chair supports the ESMT research mission, which is based upon three central pillars: leadership and social responsibility, European competitiveness, and the management of technology. Research projects and case studies will concentrate on sustainability and responsible leadership.