ESMT Update

ESMT Update January 2017

With this issue of the ESMT Update, we have placed a focus on Berlin. As you may have realized, we have updated our logo and naming to include Berlin. This was not a change made in haste. After a two-year process of defining the brand and exploring the claim with stakeholders from within and outside the school, it became apparent that Berlin is more than just a location. It is an important part of who we are. We are the business school founded by business – in Berlin.

When ESMT Berlin was being founded in the early 2000s, there was much discussion regarding location. There were several options as to where the new international business school should be headquartered. In the end, it was decided for Berlin. Even though industry is not as strong in the once-divided city as in many other parts of Germany, Berlin is the political center of Germany and ever more of Europe and has grown to be a strong startup hub. According to the “Start-up-Barometer” published by EY in early 2016, Berlin attracted more investments for its startups than any other city in Europe in 2015, surpassing even London. In 2015, EUR 2.145 million were invested in startups in Germany’s capital city. EY also found in its attractiveness survey for Europe 2016 that Berlin ranked sixth among cities in the world, which can offer the best chance of producing the next tech giant. And then there is the vibrant cultural scene.

Business is important, but we should also not forget the role that research and universities play in Berlin. At institutions of higher education throughout the city, around 200,000 people from all over the world research, teach, study, and work. Berlin has firmly established itself as a worldwide meeting place for international scientists. Berlin Partner reports that with nearly 140 academic conferences and top meetings each year, Berlin is ahead of London, Singapore, and New York. ESMT has established itself as an important international educational institution in this landscape and contributes with dozens of research seminars, academic conferences, workshops, and open lectures each year.

In this issue of the ESMT Update you will find articles related to real business and on new projects at the business school. We take a closer look at changes to the campus in Berlin and the new co-working space in Schöneberg, of which ESMT is an active partner. Students and alumni have a share of voice and write about their experience during and after the programs at ESMT.