ESMT Update

ESMT Update June 2016

"ESMT Berlin was founded in 2002 by German multinationals looking to establish an international business school in the country. From the very beginning, executive development has played a major role in what we do – each year, almost 3,000 managers complete open and customized programs with us. They return to their offices invigorated by the new insights and knowledge they have received as well as the discussions in which they have taken part." (Prof. Jörg Rocholl, PhD, President and Managing Director, ESMT Berlin)

Rooted in practical relevance, Executive Education at ESMT Berlin places a strong focus on giving managers the tools to lead responsibly and to strengthen their organizations. In addition to general management, leadership, finance, and other such programs at the core of business education, ESMT Berlin is diving deeper into innovative management topics. For example, we offer booster programs on digital strategy, hacking for executives, cybersecurity, and the use of blockchain technology for smart contracts.

ESMT Berlin is the only German partner of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), an exclusive group of international business schools spearheaded by the Yale School of Management. Within this organization, we collaborate in academic exchange and research and offer our executives the chance to qualify for the GNAM Certificate of Excellence in Global Business. This allows participants to select courses from elite business schools around the world. The very first global participant, Fernando Gama, will be in Berlin this November, participating in the program Leading with Psychological Intelligence. To qualify for the Certificate of Excellence, he will also complete courses at the Haas School of Business (University of California), HEC Paris, the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, and Lagos Business School.

Executive Education participants at ESMT Berlin benefit not only from the global perspective the school offers, but also from the superb quality of our teaching and research. This excellence is proven by continuously high customer satisfaction ratings, Triple Crown international accreditation, and the top international research output of our faculty. ESMT Berlin faculty bring current research directly into the classroom, and program directors with specific industry backgrounds ensure the practical relevance. With this ESMT Update – devoted to the topic of executive education – we invite you to learn more about this important facet of our school.