Executive Eduation

Executive Education

ESMT Berlin provides high-quality executive education for managers at different stages of their careers with open enrollment programs in English and German. Courses offered include programs to develop cross-functional expertise and personal leadership skills, to acquire general management responsibility, or to prepare for a supervisory board position. ESMT Customized Solutions designs and delivers tailor-made programs to companies.

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Video: IT Leadership Program - Turning IT Managers into Business Leaders

IT Leadership Program

Turning IT Managers into Business Leaders

Chief information officers and IT directors are first and foremost business leaders, albeit with special responsibilities for IT. Nevertheless, ESMT Berlin research reveals that many IT executives are struggling with the kind of leadership necessary to drive their organization forward.


Executive Education

Der Financial Expert im Aufsichtsrat

Interview mit Dr. Jürgen Bruns, CFO, Mittelstand | Partners

ESMT Campus Schloss Gracht

ESMT Berlin Campus Schloss Gracht

Deutschsprachige Managementkurse der ESMT Berlin

ESMT Seminar Betriebswirtschaft für Führungskräfte (BTN)

Betriebswirtschaft für Führungskräfte (BTN)

BWL für Ingenieure und weitere Nicht-Kaufleute

ESMT - The next Generation of Leaders

The next generation of leaders

ESMT customized program for high potentials

Bringing Technology to Market

Bringing Technology to Market

The ESMT Berlin flagship program for managers

Error Managament

Error Management

The missing factor in today's organizations