Learning for Leading

The ESMTcast "Learning for Leading" format delves deeper into research of practical relevancy.

Leaders in many fields answer pertinant questions regarding topics as diverse as leadership, regulation, emerging markets, business strategy, marketing and communications, and workplace diversity.

Video: IT Leadership Program - Turning IT Managers into Business Leaders

IT Leadership Program

Turning IT Managers into Business Leaders

Chief information officers and IT directors are first and foremost business leaders, albeit with special responsibilities for IT. Nevertheless, ESMT Berlin research reveals that many IT executives are struggling with the kind of leadership necessary to drive their organization forward.

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Talkshowpremiere "Schlossplatz Berlin - Wo Politik auf Wirtschaft trifft"

Schlossplatz Berlin - Wo Politik auf Wirtschaft trifft

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On their way to becoming the managers of tomorrow, ESMT Full-time MBA students are being challenged to learn responsi


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