ESMT Open Lecture with Jürgen Chrobog

"Uncertain times: perspectives for a stable Europe"

Jürgen Chrobog: "Uncertain times: perspectives for a stable Europe"

Speaker: Jürgen Chrobog, Diplomat, Lawyer, and former German State Secretary
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Michael Wohlgemuth, Director, Open Europe Berlin

Is the success story “European Union” coming to an end? With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and developments in the Middle East, the political and economic union is struggling for internal stability, while having to face major international crises. In this ESMT Open Lecture on November 1, diplomat, lawyer, and former German State Secretary Jürgen Chrobog will analyze this European challenge as well as its perspectives for a stable future.

About Jürgen Chrobog

Jürgen Chrobog was born in Berlin in 1940. He represented the German Federal Foreign Office abroad for more than 30 years, with stages in Singapore and Brussels among others. Chrobog held the position of spokesman of the Federal Foreign Office for seven years. During this period he accompanied the process of the German reunification. In 1991 he was appointed Head of Political Affairs and was responsible for most operations in the field of public affairs. Chrobog served as German ambassador in Washington D.C. for six years from 1995, before assuming office as German State Secretary in 2001 and officially retiring from the civil service in 2005. During his time as State Secretary he became well-known for his exceptional commitment to freeing hostages in the Middle East. Thereafter, Chrobog was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt before moving to Berlin. In the German capital, he works as columnist and consultant, with a main focus on topics such as the Arabic world, especially as they relate to terrorism and the developments in the Middle and Far East. Jürgen Chrobog is married to the Egyptian native, Islamic scholar and consultant for intercultural communications Dr. Magda Gohar-Chrobog.