ESMT Open Lecture with Rachel Empey

Rachel Empey: "M&A and Digitization – Two Mutually Reinforcing Factors"

May 31, 2016

"M&A and Digitization – Two Mutually Reinforcing Factors"


Speaker: Rachel Empey, Chief Financial and Strategy Officer (CFO) of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG
Moderator: Kevin P. Hoffmann, Head of the Business Section, Der Tagesspiegel

In this ESMT Open Lecture, Telefónica Deutschland CFO Rachel Empey described how Telefónica is using the integration process for its digital transformation to become the Leading Digital Onlife Telco. Thereby Empey used the example of O2 and E-Plus, one of the biggest mergers in the European telecommunications sector. Digitization is not only changing the way we do business, it is also becoming a major driver for M&A. At the same time, M&A processes boost the change dynamics within companies as structures and work flows are scrutinized. Hence, acquisitions can turn out to be an opportunity for a successful digital transformation.