"Welcome to Berlin! Welcome to ESMT!" MBA student Mithun Sridharan

“Welcome to Berlin! Welcome to ESMT!”

Mithun Sridharan, MBA student 2012
Living in Germany for nine years Mithun did not necessarily come to ESMT because of Germany but because of Berlin. He was searching for new opportunities and decided to study for an MBA. Berlin is a good place for him as he finds here a rich entrepreneurial landscape. Since he started studying, he feels his future development has been formed. He previously thought about going back into consulting but has now decided to start a career as an entrepreneur. In his opinion Germany, and especially Berlin, offers the right background for this decision. Additionally, he enjoys the rich culture of the city which combines both tradition and history, yet reflects a sense of modernism and opportunity. In his spare time he attends tango lessons held by one of ESMT’s professors.