Over 8,000 international business professionals representing numerous industries and sectors call themselves ESMT Berlin alumni. They are leaders and innovators in the global business community, active participants in the life of the school, and strategic partners in the continued success of ESMT Berlin. ESMT alumni aren’t just part of the school’s past—they are vibrant part of its present and a key to its future.

If you have successfully completed our programs, we invite you to join our fast-developing network.

Getting Involved

Our alumni volunteers support the school in many ways, be it through mentoring, recruiting, founding Alumni Chapters and Clubs, or organizing events.

Tell us your story #YOUARETHEONE


ESMT Berlin has proven itself as a top international business school and you may have also heard about rankings and accreditations. But we are more than that: We are our students, participants, alumni, staff, business partners, and so much more. #youaretheone provides each of you with a platform to tell your story. In writing, pictures or videos, tell us how ESMT has impacted you and why #youaretheone who changes business.