ETP Salon

ETP Salon 2017 - Authority, Charisma and Persuasion

Every year we invite alumni of the finished cycles of ESMT Berlin’s Executive Transition Program to come back to school for a three day refresher progam, called the ETP Salon. A program that combines classroom sessions, networking and enjoyment.

In some of the regular ETP cycles, we explored the importance and impact of political and regulatory actions on businesses. Several current developments in the political landscape serve as a powerful reminder about the importance of the larger environment. Some of these recent events (most notably, but not only the Brexit decision and the election of Donald Trump) did come as a surprise to large parts of the society and the business community. Many polling institutes predicted alternative outcomes.

Frequently authority, charisma and the ability to persuade were mentioned as key factors that influenced the outcomes of these elections. In the upcoming ETP Salon, we will have a broad look at how and why “Authority, Charisma and Persuasion” are important for businesses.

During the age of enlightenment, Salons were the place were noblemen and commoners, men and women came together across all professions and religions to learn, discuss, and enjoy each others’ company. “Delectare et prodesse“ – to please and educate – was the idea. And this is what we want to do together with you!

We look forward to welcoming you to the 7th ETP Salon at ESMT Berlin. Together we will explore various different topics around our theme, and simultaneously we will reinforce and extend our ETP network and community.

Kindly note, that a formal enrollment process is in place for the ETP Salon and that participation is limited to alumni of the 12 completed cycles of ESMT’s Executive Transition Program.