E.CA Economics

E.CA Economics


E.CA Economics offers a full range of economic consulting services in competition policy. They complement economic arguments with empirical analysis, checking assumptions and both identifying and quantifying the effects.

E.CA Economics is led by Hans W. Friederiszick, a former member of the Chief Economist Team of DG Competition, and Rainer Nitsche, a former Vice President of the economics consultancy firm CRA International. Complementing the team headquarters in Berlin, a Brussels representation has opened in March 2012.

Areas of expertise

E.CA economics operates in all relevant practice areas of competition:

  • Mergers: timely analysis of market definition and competitive effects of a merger. High and low-tech techniques. Generation and analysis of survey and market data.
  • Cartels, damages and litigation: identification of the effects of anti-competitive behaviour, overcharge estimation, counterfactual scenario analysis.
  • State aid: application of the market economy investor principle, analysis of market failures and compatibility of aid in the context of Article 107 EC Treaty.
  • Anti-competitive behaviour and agreements: analysis of competitive effects and efficiency gains in the framework of Article 101 EC Treaty.
  • Regulated industries and market design: price, quality and cost benchmarking. Identification of relevant costs taking into account standard cost concepts. Development and implementation of market design, e.g. as a remedy.