MARGA – The General Management Business Simulation

MARGA – The General Management Business Simulation

MARGA – The General Management Business Simulation

MARGA is a business simulation in which participants manage all areas and functions of a virtual company in the scope of a management training program. The simulation is offered in different formats. The Online Competition is well known as an initiative of ESMT Berlin and the Handelsblatt publishing group. Both partners ensure the highest level in matters of content and real economic occurrences.

Besides you can also choose to participate in an open Seminar or at the Blended Learning version. Above all the simulation can easily be customized to your individual needs as an Inhouse version.

MARGA’s educational objective is to convey the current management instruments and their underlying economic interrelations. The participants train how operational decisions can influence the long-term success of a company. Thus learning to base decisions on well-founded contents, they can apply the knowledge obtained in a purposeful way.  By making contents tangible and exciting, the simulation allows a unique transfer of knowledge towards entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

MARGA is aimed at executives and talents of all disciplines both with and without basic business knowledge, who apply current management instruments in their professional life and want to get a deeper insight into the relevant entrepreneurial background.

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MARGA – Partner of ESMT Berlin

MARGA Business Simulations GmbH is a spin-off of ESMT Berlin. Even today ESMT holds a share in  the company MARGA. ESMT implements MARGA in several management programs as an innovative and dynamic teaching method. Furthermore MARGA receives ongoing content-based stimuli which are incorporated in the management simulation program.

MARGA Formats

Since 1971 MARGA has enthused many generations of managers and established itself as a fixed presence in many companies.
MARGA is offered in the following formats:

  • MARGA Online Competition: In the Open Online Competition, teams participate via internet from their place of work. This means they enter into an exciting competition with teams from other companies—until the final at Schloss Gracht, to which only the best teams are invited.
  • MARGA Compact: Over three intense seminar days, the participants alternate between keynote speeches on management knowledge and its practical application in the business simulation. In this context, decision making situations are included in the management simulation and their contents highlighted.
  • MARGA Blended Learning: As a management training program, MARGA Blended Learning uses the dynamism of the management simulation and combines the advantages of a class seminar with the strengths of the online competition.

MARGA also offers all of the open management simulation formats as customized Inhouse solutions.