The strategic management of information systems: Building a digital strategy

4th ed.,London: Wiley
Joe Peppard, John Ward (2016)
Subject(s): Information technology and systems, Technology, R&D management
Keyword(s): Strategic perspective, strategy implications, strategic management, strategy, innovation, IS/IT systems

A comprehensively updated revision of a book regarded by many as one the leading and authoritative titles for practitioners, academics and students in the domain of information systems and technology (IS/IT) strategy. Presents a structured framework with tools, techniques and ways of thinking which provide a practical approach to building a digital strategy, expressed primarily in the language of business and management. Brings together the implications of the significant advances in IT and the most useful current thinking, research, and experiences concerning the business impact and strategic opportunities created by IS/IT. Peppard and Ward discuss the key questions that managers have to grapple with of where, when and how to invest in IS/IT, which is why a IS/IT (or digital) strategy is required.

Edition 4th
Pages 504
ISBN 978-0-470-03467-5 (Print)